It’s Raining Tonight
Let the Breeze Blow
Gloria’s Cradle by Eralides Cabrera
Res Ipsa by Eralides Cabrera
Don’t Bring Me Flowers by Eralides Cabrera
Cuando Llego Septiembre by Eralides Cabrera
Rainy Faces by Eralides Cabrera
Generacion Perdida by Eralides Cabrera
I Need A Miracle by Eralides Cabrera
Veredicto by Eralides Cabrera
Pleasant Valley by Eralides Cabrera
Eralides E Cabrera

Among his notable works are Lost Generation, Pleasant Valley, I Need a Miracle, Cuando llego Septiembre, Res Ipsa, Rainy Faces, Veredicto, Don’t Bring Me Flowers and Gloria’s Cradle.

Rainy Faces

One day on their way home, Carolyn spotted a poor dog, limping across the highway and insisted to her parents to carry it to the hospital for immediate medication. They ended up adopting the dog after her constant pleas. Her parents, Fred and Stacey Collides took care of the dog which she named Brandy after a song while she's away during weekdays working as a waitress.

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Amboy Guardian

Rainy Faces - cover bookBecause of the love for riding, Robin McManus met Margaret McCarter, a fellow rider who is domineering yet fascinating to her. Margaret leads a pack of three girls and three guys who share the same vision in life, to survive by merely feeding on human flesh. Robin caught herself trapped in an impeccable spell or that’s what she thought it is, making her the newest member of the club named the Lost Souls. Even with her mother’s great effort to take her away from the evil forces that seem to have connection with her parents’ past, she let herself be carried away and join them whenever they go, a dangerous plunge that would make the lives of many people at stake.

In the farm in Lancester County, Pennsylvania, Ken O’Gara had been working among the Amish communities, living the life he wants, being faithful to God and exercising his passion for motorcycles when he witnessed the assault of their manager, Johnny Kelekes to their Mexican cook out of their manager’s morning blues. Being a good man himself, he made sure that the injured man be sent to the hospital and testified against their manager.

In the biggest caravan to Daytona, organized by Ron Mason, a total of 120 riders from the northeast joined and dreamed to make until the end. Sought after for his top-notch skills, Ken O’Gara became part of the team of mechanics. Right from the moment Ken saw Robin, he already felt something special for her. Unfortunately, Margaret is always on guard of her.

With the series of bizarre events, the caravan became a quest for survival among the participants. On the following morning, Daniel O’Rourke’s remains were found scattered in the woods. Everyone was put into scrutiny by the state police. In the same morning, Robin’s Sportster got a busted chain. As a result, Ken was sent to fix her motorcycle. However, Margaret threw words like swords towards Ken because he is a devoted Christian. She felt threatened by his faith that may impair the belief of her pack. Animosity built up between Dave and Margaret, when Dave took the side of Ken, feeling clueless as to why the old vixen hated Ken so much.

On the next night, they all camped in the private property of McClure family, totally unprepared to the next murder to happen. At 4 in the morning, Ken saw Robin out of his tent, coming face to face to warn him about the incoming danger. Margaret and her pack plan to come after him. Confused about what’s happening, Ken ran after Robin to know more. She told him to leave the caravan before it’s too late. Then, she realized the pack will feed off his friends in the tent. They came back rushing to the camp only to find the scattered remains of Dave and Steve, both mechanics of the caravan. Police came to the scene after Ron called them up. Robin repeatedly told them that Margaret and her club are the culprits. However, her statements were not enough and even found too dubious for the officers to believe into.

To Ron and Phil’s astonishment, the South Carolina State police sent them on their way, showing how passive the in charged detective was in the prosecution of the crime. As they proceeded with the caravan, Margaret’s club went ballistic, chasing Robin back to them and causing mayhem in the line up of motorcycles. Two among the club went down after going into what seemed to be a suicide mission. Ken informed Ron about the incident. Ron sent Phil to talk to Margaret. However, they found out that Phil and his girl were burned along with his bike. All was caused by the vicious club.

As a precaution now that Ron witnessed how capable the club can go ballistic, he armed his men with guns and ordered them to shoot the troop once they get near any of them. However, even with guns arming selected riders another murder was committed. Manny and Scott, ordered to keep the club away from the caravan, were slaughtered to death while they came to a halt among the high trees to relieve themselves.

The caravan pushed through its way to Daytona, driven by fear for their safety. They all checked in the hotel reserved for the riders. In their room, Robin asked Ken to tie herself up in the bed, preparing for the time she can go wild as an effect Margaret and her troop put on her. It was past 5am when Margaret and two of her surviving members visited their room to attack them. Luckily, they found out that fire is their weakness. As a result of the catastrophe, the couple slept at the beach with Russel who wouldn’t leave them behind, protected by the bonfire they created.

In the morning, the couple decided to leave the caravan to keep others out of harm. They drove using Rusell’s bike since their own motorcycles were sent into the depths of the sea. They settled in a canoe in the river. Caught off guard, the couple was found by the troop. Fortunately, the two attackers ended up being eaten up by an alligator in the river. At the end, they faced the leader vixen, Margaret, who still wanted to pursuit Robin to come back to her.

Out of the blue, Helen McManus came into the picture armed with a shotgun. The past was revealed during a confrontation between Helen and Margaret. Robin’s father, John had an affair with Margaret long time ago. It appears that Margaret is the real mother of Robin. Helen took Robin away from her when she was still a baby, afraid that the evil ways of her biological mother would be passed on to her. Without them knowing what would happen next, Helen blew off the three motorcycles parked at the back of Margaret and sent the vixen on fire.

The story ended with Ken showing Robin and Helen his gift that he built himself, a replica of Robin’s Sportster. In his mind, he knows God had provided him of someone to be his lifetime partner, Robin.