It's Raining Tonight
Let the Breeze Blow
Gloria’s Cradle by Eralides Cabrera
Res Ipsa by Eralides Cabrera
Don’t Bring Me Flowers by Eralides Cabrera
Cuando Llego Septiembre by Eralides Cabrera
Rainy Faces by Eralides Cabrera
Generacion Perdida by Eralides Cabrera
I Need A Miracle by Eralides Cabrera
Veredicto by Eralides Cabrera
Pleasant Valley by Eralides Cabrera
Eralides E Cabrera

Among his notable works are Lost Generation, Pleasant Valley, I Need a Miracle, Cuando llego Septiembre, Res Ipsa, Rainy Faces, Veredicto, Don't Bring Me Flowers and Gloria's Cradle.

Eralides E. Cabrera: Life and Professions

When Eralides E. Cabrera was only thirteen years old, he decided to leave his native land Camaguey and migrated in the land of the Spaniards. Because of his good inborn qualities, he was helped by the church of Spain to travel to Miami, Florida. Eventually, he decided to settle in New Jersey, particularly in Perth […]

Eralides Cabrera’s Other Notable Books

Eralides E. Cabrera writes novels of different genres from fiction, romance, action, and drama. He writes with a source of inspiration and this is the experience he has had during his younger days. His experiences are combined with a great deal of imagination and passion so that he was able to publish thirteen notable books […]

Eralides Cabrera’s Pleasant Valley

Book-lovers intend to grab something that would let them enjoy every moment of their reading hours. And if this is what concerns you, there should be a name that would give you the thrill and the interest to read. That is what you can get when you start reading Eralides Cabrera’s novels. Eralides is one […]